You're probably reading this because you're interested in reducing your annual energy bills.


And like any concerned citizen, you would love to do your bit for the environment, but with your current day to day commitments, finding the time to investigate all the options available, mapping out the best solutions and then implementing them, probably seems a bit like a bit too much effort!



If you're really serious about cutting your overheads and making a difference to the environment, we have great news for you...


We do all the legwork, so you don't have to.


This means that you CAN reduce your energy overheads and do the right thing by the Planet, without the stress or focus loss from your day to day management.  



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Guaranteed minimum energy bill reduction of 20 percent - OR NO FEE!

We are a network of highly-skilled energy efficiency professionals and suppliers, focused on assisting businesses, educational facilities and public buildings to drastically reduce annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. 


Unlike the other "eco" companies, we are not interested in on-selling a stack of Solar Panels or LED lights, instead we focus on the entire energy picture and find solutions based on the current needs - and budget.



Below is what some of our most recent customers said:


"After conducting an energy review for me, River from Thinq Tanque provided a simple, straight-forward report on how to cut my energy bill.  


The report included approximate costs of purchasing any energy saving devices and an estimate of the time to get a return on that investment.  


I've managed to reduce my power bill by 48% in just one billing cycle after implementing just some of Thinq Tanque's recommendations and they were the inexpensive ones! Couldn't be happier."


B.L Perth




"As an organisation, our aim is to invest and promote more responsible and sustainable business practices.


On calling River Bradshaw Milnes to aid us with our objectives, he and the Thinq Tanque team gave us some great tips on ways to save on our annual energy overheads.


The report that they provided was concise and easily digested by our management and staff.


Without pressuring us to use their recommendations, River explained to us what our options were, what the approximate costs would be and where to access potential suppliers.


We believe that anyone in the business community seeking professional advice on to cut their energy consumption should certainly talk to Thinq Tanque."


Charles D P Bellow


Local Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Ready to reduce your energy bills?


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Thinq Tanque Australia Pty Ltd | ACN 159441308 | Tel: (08) 94721250 | 

Mobile +61 0403618884 ©2014




Thinq Tanque Australia Pty Ltd | ACN 159441308 | Tel: (08) 94721250 | 

Mobile +61 0403618884 ©2014




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